Sunday, July 13, 2014

Notes from my 36th trip (Céu da Misericórdia)

Flora's instincts are very correct in staying away from me right now. There is something I need to protect her from, and I need to do this alone.

I protect people today, so that someone can do it for me when I'm older.

I ask that you help so I can leave solitude.

All teachers are a bit crazy. The good ones have control over their insanity.

You are in control. You create your own rules. 
But there needs to be rules, you understand that?

You know those people that you meet an you just want to say to them: 
"You are the most frustrating kind of annoying."

Buddhism is correct. 'Wanting' anything will only lead to suffering. Our turmoil lies in our own possessions.

When someone studies, not out of the ego as being viewed as a studious person, it is a beautiful thing.

Taking pictures is much like fishing. 

"Education and patience is everything." 

I am sorry, Flora, that I have chosen you.

Daime, like most things in life, is for everyone that dares to enter.

When I think about it, writing is just a way to transmit your lived human experience in an entertaining way.

Sometimes I feel like a virus that has infected Flora's life.

When you start looking for lessons instead of entertainment, the earth trembles.

I finally get the lesson, Flora.

Don't give up on me, Flora. Please.

If I had to describe Jiu-Jitsu in one animal: 

Ah. I get it. Flora is here to straighten out all my crazy.

Flora is teaching me how to love unconditionally.

It is important that people like me, not like an insecurity overly need to compensate for my existence kind of way, but like being aware of the energy I am bringing into their lives. We always return to square one.

Both my parents are cancer survivors. 
I've never given them enough credit for that.

This whole process is about gaining control.

Sometimes the ability to be disgusted with something is a privilege.

What I've learned is that me and Flora (and for serious relationships in general) are not against each other. The things we do to hurt one another are tricks from the enemy. We are on a united front against the forces trying to destroy love. 

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