Monday, July 7, 2014

Notes from my 35th trip (Passagem do Mestre Irineu)

In every problem there is an adventure and a lesson in finding the solution.

Whether or not we have a say in our destines is an issue meant to be left unsolved.

Flora is the one chosen to give me the hardest lessons in life. So if at times it seems like I am a bit attached to her, it is the same relationship a student has to their teacher.

I have so many stories pending permission from their subjects.

Q: Why do I write?

A: Because I have a message to deliver.

The master is beginning to reveal himself.

I do my best to be happy, joyful + full of glee throughout the day. 
But I am also the type to not put up w/ bullshit. I stop that real quick.

People who do things under the guise of love need to peel back the layers and face a part of the mirror that they may not want to see.

I realize, I hate cowardice, but I do not hate the people who are cowards. I view them as one who has been infected w/ the disease, and I am the one to cure them.

A father raising a son is the work of God in motion.

Thank you, Desirée, for letting me go.

I realize that this entire process is the purging of anger out of my body.

Discipline. Discipline is the key to everything.

I am of the full belief that you can discover the universe in one person. 

The first time I watched Life of Pi, I watched it until the hospital scene, right before he told the other story. Haha. It had to happen that way.

It's a hell of a thing to try your best to live up to the ideals of what it means to be a man, to the point where others truly want you, but the one that you are unsure if she will choose you.

It's like I reached the point to embark on the right path. Now it's about reconciling all the sins that I made to get here.

Q: Why do you write?
A: Because I have a message to deliver.

I'm always the random Asian dude that just shows up.

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