Sunday, April 12, 2015

Notes from my 73rd trip (Concentration)

Realize. That what you write is a reflection of your training.

Remember, as much as your parents piss you off, there will come a day where they will no longer be around.

You did choose this life. Remember. you signed up for this ride.

For those of you that say, "I'm really bad at remembering names." Know that it is a skill that can be trained and developed. Why it is a problem is because you don't want to fix it. A lot of what we say we 'can't' do, is really, at the core, because we don't want to. 

People who market themselves as "spiritual" people sicken me.

Never trust the one who says he is a prophet

All of this has been about getting ready to go back to Brazil
You're not ready yet, but you will be. 

You can go after Flora if you want to. I can tell you that you will be hurt and I cannot guarantee any chance of success. But it is the most difficult path you can choose. That I can tell you.

Part of me thinks that documenting and publicizing everything that happens w/ me and Flora is all just dramatic lead-up to this awesome, mind-blowing wedding. Haha. Wishful thinking. I know.

The universe will stand down if you tell it to.

After every battle you survive, you are a more evolved person. That is why most fighters have respect for their opponents. 

I only really like real people. 

Lately, I've been standing up for myself, almost as if a separate being stepped outside of myself, picked me up and said, "Get up! Treat yourself w/ respect! And don't ever let anyone trample on your heart again." I'm proud of myself for that one.

This path you are walking to be a writer. It is very easy to be arrogant. Be aware of this. 

I feel like I'm reaching point of my journey where I want the pain to stop. I don't want anymore scars.

Christian is one of my only friends where I can say: "I like what that guy's about." 

Writing is basically just living in a world of ideas then scribbling some nonsense afterwards, and somebody went ahead and called it a profession.

You have to be a writer. There are too many stories you have inside of you.

Human beings are fascinating creatures. We're flesh and bone and we can do logical tasks. Then we get to create a personality to run through the whole thing? That's so fucking crazy.

There is a purpose behind all of this. Don't rush to unlock to doors. 

I think Flora was one of the first people in my life that I just always wanted to be around. Even the times when she was being an arrogant brat or snoring like a madwoman, I cherished it all. Every second. That's what was so special about her. That's what most people don't understand.

Don't ever do anything because you feel guilted into doing it. I mean it can be a motivation, but it can't be the only reason.

Japanese anime has this way of encapsulating all the traits that annoy our human nature into a character and have them appear a the moment we want them least to appear. Like that is the last fucking face I want to see right now. It's actually quite masterful, when you think about it.

I was sent back here to be destroyed, then rebuild myself from nothing. 

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