Thursday, June 26, 2014

Notes from my 34th trip (Aniversário da Madrinha Rita)

Sometimes when I think these messages are all too much to handle, I remember the purpose, and keep going.

The mission. It is important to have a mission.

Being afraid and being a coward are two very different things. One is inevitable. The other is a choice.

When you start accepting that everything that happens is a lesson, life becomes beautiful.

I guess what annoys me most is when I encounter a teacher who has been slacking on their ability to be accurate.

The betrayal that hurts is not when there is a beast. 
The one that hurts is because they have chosen it.

Afrose. You genuinely have wings, but you are the one that is sitting on them.

The moves one makes to say no to the devil's handshake. To smack him in the face for the sacrilege.

It gets to a point where you stop being wrong, but simply wonder why you agreed to sign up for this.

Flora. Not Flora. She goes last. After my own life.

The devil hides behind many faces.

Control is such an interesting concept. You cannot grasp it around the neck, but you can't be distant from it either.

If I call you my brother or my sister, I do not mean that lightly. I have thought about the idea for a while, and decided that you deserve it. 

A well trained boxer, aside from anything else, 
is a symbol that we can be better.

To my stalker. Know this. In a duel between a ninja and a samurai, Samurai wins. Always. 

Sometimes the lesson comes by getting hit over the head w/ a stick.

I am starting to become less attached to material souvenirs, because real memories will stay w/ you.

The difference between a liar and a warrior is whether or not they know themselves. 

The answer is always in the middle.

Sons of Anarchy. The MC is a breathing entity hell-bent on survival. It will take everything - love, loyalty, honor, friendship, and sacrifice it, in order to keep living. But it does it b/c it truly believes that it is good.

When someone truly believes that they are a good person. There is a lot behind that.

Sometimes it is the test makers who are looking for answers. 

What you say about me is half what you think of me, half what you think of yourself.

I get really pissed when wannabes, assuming the role of a teacher, pass on misinformation as if it was knowledge.

Rushing things does nobody any good. Rushing is what causes sloppiness and sloppiness is when you commit errors.

Only do things if you have truly chosen them.

"How are you doing brother?"

"Never been better. Impossible to be better. I still haven't figured out the way."

When you accepted a friendship, a true friendship, everything else that arises from that, feelings of romance, are because you have left your post.

A joke is repeated because you need to hear it again.

The heart of a mother: there's always room for one more.

The purpose of life is to help others from a place of compassion.

I don't know how Adolf Hitler died, but if you can imagine him as an old, helpless decrepit man on his deathbed - how you feel about him at that moment will determine whether or not I like you.

The World Cup has brought Brazil a very real human internal conflict.

Here is a recipe for eliminating your ego: Become a blue-belt in Jiu-Jitsu, then get repeated beaten by white belts. Problem solved. 

It's a great thing to realize that you no longer need to plan. Just follow your path and the plan is taken care of.

When you look at the people you dislike, as those who have been given a heavy burden in life, the whole world changes.

Afrose is like my sister, and I dated her at first. The experience was like dating your sister.

The formation of a fighter is a powerful thing. They are the representation of leaving all other options on the street, in order to train.

Never underestimate the extent in which one will go towards in order to fool you.

Our work is to repay the sins of our past.

Oh! The lessons you learn in healing others.

If you want to learn how to be a human being, come to Brazil.

I'm going to write a piece on Adrien Broner. Haha. God. That is going to be a trip.

Jonathan Maicelo is a true reincarnation of an Incan warrior.

To my stalker: You have declared war...and I have accepted. May the best man win.

When someone disrespects your friends, it is much like settling w/ a stomach full of rotten food to let them get away w/ it.

God has many jokes. Brazil is the biggest joke he ever played on the world.

It's no longer about feeling anger. It's about whether or not you choose the path where it is present.

I am a Warrior of Light who ventures into the darkness. 

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