Sunday, June 1, 2014

Notes from my 30th trip (São Miguel)

Those tears felt like what vinegar tastes like.

I can now see how overconsumption can destroy the world.

You know you're a true writer the moment you realize that nothing you write is self-created. These are messages that you have been given, and have been entrusted w/the task of delivering them.

How other people view you is often completely different from what you think about yourself.

Have you ever wondered if insects land on you, not as an insult, but almost as a compliment. Like you are a fascinating enough planet for me to explore.

To be able to offer someone protection under a banner, that is a big deal, even if the other person doesn't felt it at the moment.

You know the true essence of your being when you are hurt.

It is a grand feeling when you recognize, understand, and accept the task you have been assigned in this life.

       The pigeon will outsmart the eagle in a real fight.

Violence stains the soul. That is how you hurt yourself in hurting others.

The thing about being Asian in Latin America, is that no one really has anything against your race. They just king of revere you as some Kung-Fu master, which is fine, if you are ready to assume that task. 

Being a sparring partner is a delicate role. You are responsible for calling out the fighter's animal instinct, and testing their control of theirs, just as yours of yours. It is an equal responsibility, separate, but equal.


Even close friends will try and cheat you a little every once in a while. It's nothing personal, it's okay even, as long as you call them out on it.

This relationship that I am in has stripped me raw.

Forgiveness will liberate you. I can attest to that personally.

Whenever someone has an emotional outburst that disturbs my peace, I think, "Oh. That's how I am to other people."

Right person, wrong time. That type of thinking is a lie
If you met them at the wrong time, it means they are not the right person.

The opponent, in a fight, is merely fighting for what they believe as their truth. And you prove the dedication to yours in that process.

The message I have for the world is ready to be sent.

I am starting to remember my dreams.

My messages are meant only for those who have trained themselves to hear it.

You have something very powerful beside you Afrose
It is your duty to harness it.

It is a grand task when you realize you are able to endure a lot of pain.

I understand why old people just want you to hang around for a bit.

The agony of being born a person.

The one time I got my asshole licked was by a Cuban girl. Yeah. That sounds about right.

                     The ability to follow requires a bit of insanity.

The ways to silence a writer are many. The good ones are the ones sworn to their word.

I've been a thief before. To Scott most of all. Never forget that story. You owe that man your life.

Melissa. At the end of the day, we're both jokers. That is the trick we played on the world. 

The family is the base institution of humanity. It is the family that creates the home, the place we go to heal ourselves.

The thing about marriage is that your partner can take you on all the exotic adventures your ego desires. They are a universe in themselves. If you feel that other person is capable of that ability, that is when you have encountered your soulmate. 

What a fighter represents for a nation is their grief, their anguish, their pain and sorrow. A fighter represents their humanity, and they step in the ring, to fight for it.

The mistake lies in thinking that other person owes you their dedication. It should always come as a relief that they have chosen you for another day.

The problem w/ rejection lies in the interpretation. You think one person's reaction represents the world's. 

Flora is the missing piece. She is the last bolt in connecting my love to this world.

Do not disrespect a sacred union. The repercussions are surely greater than you predicted.

It says something about your character when you can intimidate a man of age.

At the end of the day, all of this, is about her

Always has been. Always will be.

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