Friday, May 16, 2014

Notes from my 29th trip

People who consciously take other people's ideas and try to pass them off as their own are fucking despicable.

My Dad may be a jerk at times but he is honest. I can't deny him that.

The person that will rob you w/ a smile and a handshake is worth much less than the one that does it violently.

When you have finally accepted your task from God, you must be ever vigilant against the forces that have come to harm that which you are meant to protect.

That feeling. That feeling when a soldier has returned onto allied ground after venturing in enemy territory for so long.

I guess one advantage to having such a low opinion of yourself is that it pretty much disables anymore who try and attack your "character". It is like there is nothing to hit.

I have a pretty keen bullshit detector, so please don't come around here w/ that mess.

You all are familiar enough w/ my likes and dislikes that I guess I'd sum it up like this: I like the ones that are always working on themselves.

Sometimes I feel bad for the ones that cross their paths w/ mine in the moment they are growing through enormous and arrogant ego.

Violent video games can teach a lot to children. But they flirt w/ a very thin line.

Liberation comes at a higher price than we think.

Now I understand why I write about fighters. It is my role in protecting the tribe

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