Sunday, May 11, 2014

Notes from my 28th trip

The thing that I like about Brazilian Portuguese, it's that they take an indescribable feeling and kinda shove it into a word box, i.e. vontade, saudade, etc. That's kind of the whole joke about this country. It's like God gave them half-working tools and said, "Let's see what you can do w/ this shit." 

Living in Brazil is like one long MacGvyer Episode.

What Jiu-Jitsu has given me is all these physical tools to be at rest.

You are given constant, subtle, reminders of your shame and our necessity for humility.

Those moments where you trust in which your path is leading you, that all that has happened thus far makes sense and you accept all its harsh lessons. Those moments, as few and fleeting as they may be, believe in them with everything you have. 

Sometimes I think if we became more conscious of the inevitable aging of our bodies, much of the care that is missing from the world would be restored.

You have to remove a lot of ego before you can truly connect w/ God.

Liars and thieves. Now I understand why they are the world's deepest offenders. 

I am aware of the fact that I am aging, and the few traces of youth that still linger behind.

Sometimes I think being Asian (especially living in Latin America) is just a helpful reminder to help people remember who I am.

There is something noble about someone who understands their fate 
no matter how short it will be.

Afrose, you are an illuminator. Use that light.

I think I am finally showing Flora the price of her deeds.

For those of you that have kept up w/ the narrative up to this point. Goddamn. I give y'all credit. 

True love requires sacrifice. And that sacrifice is harder to ask for than I once believed. 

I get it Seattle. You all have been shit upon by the Gods. The weather, the attitude, the goddamn fucking try-hard, corny, constantly searching for originality attitude that creates the shit-atmosphere that is Seattle. I get it. But there is also something about the rain and the cold wind that seasons our armor. We are better than that.

We should never get so lost in money that we forget what a dollar can really mean for a person's day.

I strongly believe w/ enough to bet my life that God only gives you so much because you can handle it. 

The reason people commit crimes is because they reached a point where they are tired, just fucking tired, of how things have been going in their lives, and it was time for a change. 

There is something endearing about the very corny person that also has a sense of duty. It is like you are just constantly laughing w/ them in their pursuit of trying to fly straight.

Training requires practice. That is logical, but often forgotten. 

Adrien Broner is such a necessary evil in the boxing world. He is this reminder that sometimes we say fuck all that is just and right, just as long we get rid of this guy.

Sometimes I think all a writer is about is uncovering the moments where humanity shows up. 

Mothers protect their children.

Do you think all these PC progressive beliefs because you truly believe them or because that is where they safety of the crowd was headed?

It is an honor, truly an honor, when I can assist a friend seeking repair.

I think I'm ready to write about what happened w/ Flora and me. Mostly because I found the final sentence of the piece by what I said aloud to her last night. 

                Alcohol is a poor substitute for Daime.

Sometimes I wish Flora would tell me more about what's on her mind. At the same time, she lets me ramble on endlessly about nothing so there's that.

A missed encounter. That is how our final farewell was meant to be, Desirée.

Me and Flora are the same in that we are both trying to find our own masters. 

George Bush being able to parade around as an "artist" is a giant slap in the face. 

It's funny, as anti-herd as I am, sometimes you have to have faith in the crowd.

At times, words are all that we have. 
That is why it is important to never break them.

Me and Michael. What happened was that we lived in the raging moment that was our prime. Now I'm on my own, left w/ the memories and the lessons.

You can often tell how good of a writer a person is by how many times you daydream in reading what they wrote. It is an interesting craft between creativity + mission.

When you see someone calling the troops to battle, you can't help but be inspired. 

If you are a liar and come after what I love, I will strip you naked for the whole world to see.

Sometimes lying is a means of protection. What a moral uproar that causes inside of me.

I came back to Brazil better equipped. I have to give credit to Seattle for that.

I have been blessed w/ a good memory, meant to safekeep all the stories that have passed through me.

They're talking about moving the 2016 Olympics from Rio. That's ridiculous. They should have known what they were signing up for the moment they chose Brazil.

Shifting a relationship from casual to serious is a bigger deal than we make it. It is when we assume a responsibility, a test, if you will, of how well you're prepared to be in the care of another's feelings.

We really have no control over the one we love. We can only make ourselves an option, and hope that they choose us.

You end up hating the work you wrote two years ago, the same work in which you adored from the moment of its inception. Funny how time affects perspective.

I've really softened since I met Flora. Mostly because all the things I thought as soft, she wears it cool.

I'm always amazed at how some people can look exactly the same in every single picture they take.

To all the readers that have invested in me, I promise, your time will not go to waste.

A child learning to recognize their father is a beautiful thing.

It's an interesting crossroad to reach when you realize that sometimes breaking a promise is the only way to save yourself.

A roof to protect us from the rain. That is something we too often take for granted.

I am very proud to have been born in Alaska. 

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