Monday, September 30, 2013

Notes from my 14th trip (São Miguel)

If there is a war, you two will die first; not because you are too weak, but because you are too angry.

My solution to most conflicts nowadays is to buy the party which I offended chocolates and/or cookies. 

If you are afraid to approach me, please come by and say hello. God knows that I would appreciate a visitor every once in a while.

What happens when you meet your killer at the beginning of the story?

Don't you just sometimes wish you could go back + visit your adolescent self and relish in the fact that they wouldn't recognize you?

When you liberate your time for the space to be, to honestly be w/ infinity. That is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself.

Question: what has it been like to be in love here in Brazil?

Answer: humbling.

All these boxing gyms, they were shelters of refuge, a place to rest my sword, as I went along the way.

When someone says they are afraid to do something, I'm actually quite impressed w/ how quickly they can recognize fear, and not confuse it for the many other masks it wears.

Marcella, we are guardians of each other's darkness. As friends, we bring a lot of light to the world, but as lovers, we would unleash a hellspawn onto this earth.

          We are each other's cures + poisons, Marcella.

All that 'free love' talk. Let's cut the bullshit. You're a coward.

cravings are a momentary emotion. They pass w/ patience + discipline. Hunger...well that's a different story.

The trust you have for Flora allows you the privilege of going on those solo journeys at night. Always be grateful for that.

                 I have absolutely no idea how other people view me. 
                 Hm. This could be a problem.

From now on my parents will have to say: "My son? Well, he lives in Brasil..."

Accepting shame + offense w/ grace. That is a code of a warrior.

Mom, I appreciate all the notes you send me thru email. Know that I read them all.

Akey, if you are reading this, I really, REALLY miss that big chocolate ass of yours.

James, congratulations on the wedding. Know that I still look up to you, brother.

We should be more conscious of the reality that some encounters we have w/ others, are the very last time we will ever see that person. They will cease to exist in your life, and you in theirs. Make that last impression count.

Out of all the Fulbrighters, I think Stuart, Duron and Rachel will be reoccurring themes in my life. Oh, and Cassia + Cecily of course. And Keane. Ah fuck it. All of em have a chance of coming back.

My blog is meant for the stragglers, the ones w/ souls as twisted as mine, trying to straighten them back out. It is meant for those w/ patience, because this becoming, of me, is taking a hell of a long time.

          I've soiled myself many more times than I care to remember.

I'm still very much a young wolf, still believing the fables that superheroes live forever.

All of you who trust me w/ your stories. Thank you. Know that I guard them w/ my life.

Gender politics should not make us forget about how we feel about another as a person.

       I forget half the shit that I'm supposed to write.

Oh yes. I've had my dance w/ the darkness. And its impression is Everlasting. 

For the writers: write from what feeds your soul. Always.

Parents. They start to make more sense as you learn more about life. 

The curves of this feather against my cheek. It fits perfectly, it fits like home. Thank you for watching my back, even in the times where I didn't notice, minha flecheira

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