Sunday, September 15, 2013

Notes from my 11th trip

              Now it is about avoiding those who force me to draw my sword.

I think what makes me angry is no longer the prospect of them disrespecting me, 
but disrespecting you.

I would give my life for you.

I never had a doubt about you; it was always more about erasing the doubts in others.

                                                  A lot of people who say they care only care for their egos.

I get it now. Law school is the training ground for my mind.

I wouldn't call it suicidal as much as I would call it a growing disregard to the seriousness of life.

           How much is your word worth to you?

Be leery of the fireflies, because I can see the spiderwebs.

What happened Marcella, is that you are not willing to give your life to save me. She is.

I think this path we are creating together is beautiful, Flora.

My glasses were found in the same place as where people's shit-stained toilet paper goes. 
That is the essence of life.

Sometimes I am afraid you will follow the strands of your locks and turn into that wild stallion that you are, and run off...without me.

She is more powerful than I.

I understand the purpose of this night. It was my fight, all my training was for this. I came out strong but still losing. But I am better than when you first met me. I have been training to hold you as long as you let me. 

                Every moment counts. That is why writers matter.

I was fighting for my right to be a wolf.

It is funny how much gets lost in the disguise of yawns.

Without even knowing it, I changed into a different person, Desireé. That man who you might be searching for, he is no longer here, at least, not in this body.

I might have to trick her into marrying me.

Are you in this friendship Marcella, til the end?

                              You are my path, Flora.

Am I ready to accept her as a complete person?

I may have lost, but I lost w/ honor. Nobody here will forget the fight that took place. 

A fighter's final rally is their last burst of genius. But one must still remember genius is still far from the gods.

I have faith + love in my right palm. 
All I need to do is hold on tight, and remember to believe.

We are fighting for our right to not be poisoned.

If you are afraid of bothering me, good. I am doing my job. Nobody should be Bothered.

            Not putting all your eggs in one basket; that can be considered smart or cowardly.

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