Sunday, September 22, 2013

Notes from my 13th trip

                     Guerreio e Flecheira

What if the spider crawling on my shirt is me, on the same journey, with the same mission.

Think about all those forces wanting to do you harm appearing in different forms.

Now I understand people who are w/ serial partners. It's not always driven by lust; sometimes it's because they can't trust anyone w/ their heart.

My friendship is not free. If I trust you, you have a duty to protect that trust, just as I have a duty to protect yours.

Sometimes I wonder if the act of leaving home is driven by bravery or cowardice.

My farewell to Seattle was beautiful. My only regret was not including the people who I thought I didn't like at the time.

Don't let the feelings of happiness blind you from the duty you have just accepted. Happiness only comes w/ sacrifice.

If the thought of U.S. soldiers brings about something distasteful, remember that all flavors are merely reactions that we create in our own mouths.

            At the core of it all, you still have a choice.

If you can no longer feel shame, that is when you have gone too far.

This is almost beyond personal feelings of romance. 
This is about protecting the world from who I could be without her. 

Those things that happen in the small pockets of your day that make you pause and tilt your head in notice, they happen for a reason. Don't let anyone else fool you into thinking otherwise. 

Those kids, in Maré, god bless their spirit.

I realize, this is all I'm training for, this is all I'm fighting for. I'm searching for the courage to surrender. 

A friend once told me that to love honestly is to surrender. To give it all, your pride, your shame, your entire identity of being. To love is to be, in its purest form. 
So I give this to you, Flora. All I have. 

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