Sunday, August 4, 2013

Notes from my 8th trip

I've been fighting darker demons since I've been gathering strength.

When the summons arrives, the world is divided into two parts: 
those that fight and those that run.

I have not much to say these days

Fight for Peace. People need to understand, peace does not come w/o a price, not w/o sacrifice. 
It must be fought for.

                                     Sometimes just being there is enough

Intellect is a trap.

Michael, I still remember the time you picked me up, drunk, puking on myself, 
and you carried me up the stairs and put me safe into my bed. 
Just know, I love you for that.

We're here for each other. That is our purpose on this earth.

When it all quiets down, that is when you begin to learn.

The trick is to distinguish between purpose and temptation.

Demons can leave as quick as they come.

Can I ask a honest question? How am I viewed by others?

                              Alerta Geral

The people you hate, you hate because they reflect something about you

"Can you imagine what's happening to us, right now? During the civil war?

She returns me to the innocence of childhood

If I could only have the youth of the past w/ the experience of now, that would be divine. But that is the joke of life. And it is a funny one.

We are in the midst of a civil war of the spirit. 
Two sides, battling for control of our souls.

               You have to learn to let her share w/ the world.

I have learned that things are much simpler than we make them when we learn to let them live the way they were meant to be

She is learning how to be her own master.

Never bitch about a favor done for another.
They have already given their trust in accepting help.

                      Just the thought of you brings warmth to my skin.

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