Sunday, August 25, 2013

Notes from my 10th trip

The portal of the city

It is a privilege to feel safe enough to have your photo taken.

          If you really love someone, you're there for them, even when it hurts.

Warriors of the forest

Always remember, the world owes you nothing

Some things that are said are truth; other just belong on motivational posters.

creating memories together - one of the most precious gifts I have been given.

                   What happens when you meet a lover from a past life?

The only thing that can tame a wolf is the wolf itself.

Make love to the soul first, then the body.

Try telling someone you love them for the first time with your eyes.

We had a really good run, Desireé, we really did. But it's time that I go. 
Know that I love you. 
Always will. 

It's the moment when a young man, still unsure of so many things in the world, is greeted by the one certainty in life: The moment he meets his wife for the first time.

It has all been very lovely, this time in Brazil, even the moments I cried, the times in the dark where I had to search the ground for my heart w/ blistered hands and find the courage to put it back into my chest. Even that. All of it, has meant the world to me. 

I underestimated you, Marcella. You are much stronger than I thought, and you carry much more light w/in you than you might know.

Zoë, remember that you are a singer, remember what that means. 
You translate the language of gods. 

The words 'I love you' are thrown around too carelessly these days. They are said too often, and not often enough, all at the same time.

That look of understanding from another human being, even in the slightest glimpse, 
that is what I live for. 

You'll have to give me some incentive to assume that role. A rousing speech will usually be worth more to me than money.

Remember when someone cheats on you, it is because they are weak. 

I am now bored w/ college students who do their thesis on 'happiness'. 

Marcella, we were lovers in a past life. But now we are in another time, one that is not aligned. 

George, I don't know if you know this, but you really saved my life out here.

Between the forest and the favela, that is how I would describe my life here. 

The United States has become an ugly nation, the things that we raise onto the pedestal of strength. It is a shame, because it has the potential to be so much better.

You have reached a certain point of success when your respect begins to bring value to others.

All those things we are afraid to hear, all the things where we think someone is 'too into us' or we say because we are desperate, they sound just fine when said by the right person.

I don't ask for many favors, but when I do, it's because I really need one. 

It's that moment you find a love that can beat the odds.

Everything that exists in the world exists for a reason. There is always a story behind existence.

Know that I am more impressed w/ the state of your soul than your intellect. 

Oh my friends, the ride is only half way over.

Even the jester has a purposeful role.

A fighter's performance in the ring will tell a story about their life.

The moment I started believing in spirits is the night I heard the sound of a child crying from a graveyard.

           You really have to earn that right, as a writer, the right to give birth to new words.

There is nothing wrong w/ being an animal. 
There is something wrong, however, w/ being a robot.

Gambit + Rogue

What if all these comic book characters, video game icons are just callings for the youth?

Fuck fellas, do we have stories.

I see now that staying in a relationship past its time is like trying to convince a ghost to fall in love w/ you.  

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