Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A fun day

She has an adventurous spirit, the perfect amount of mischievous curiosity about her. She goes into places that we don't know if we should enter, tries to teach me cartwheels on the wooden floor of a room labeled "The Classroom of Bodies". She pokes her head through doors etched with the words "Employees Only" on the front, but only if the door is already cracked open. She figures if it was left that way, it was left that way for a reason, and as long as we don't disrespect the rules of a guest, we were meant to explore the curiosities the world had set for us. 

I do my best imitation and motion that we go up to the rooftop where admission to the public is unmarked and unknown. But she must have sensed the lack of sincerity in my words and stops me before I can lead the way.

"Nick," she says to me, "if someone catches you in a place you're not supposed to be, would you be scared?" I crook my head sideways and pause for a moment, giving a look that questions the intention of her words.

"If someone catches you, will you feel shame and run, or will you fight for your belief to be there?" she continues. "Because you should only do something if you believe in it, and protect it if ever attacked. So would you be scared if someone catches you on the roof?" 

I sit with those words for a brief second, then instinctively eek this "ehhhhh" in a ho-hum kind of tone. Inside I'm trying to confront the terror of her question, weigh the weight of the courage in my principles, but I guess she must have interpreted it as a "I-don't-care-about-what-others-think-of-me" type of tone. Maybe that's what she was hoping to hear, or maybe that's what she wanted to teach me. Either way, she smiles and says "Good," and dashes past me up the stairs. I'm left befuddled in my thoughts of how the fates managed to let me have this day, and when I finally do regain my senses, I smile to the fleeting presence of her words, and quickly follow her to the roof, trying my best to keep up. 

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