Sunday, August 2, 2015

Notes from my 83rd work (Celebration with Paulo Roberto)

I think that when someone goes through a failed marriage, they feel as if they have been deceived in the highest order.

Actually, divorce rates are a pretty accurate indicator of how well a society is doing in providing for its people. 

I think a healthy daily ritual is to ask yourself if you've given up on life.

One time Flora and I were in the middle of a really intense argument and said, "We're basically married!" I don't know if she knew that despite the situation, hearing her say that made me really happy.

I think its important before entering a new relationship that you clear out all the baggage from a past relationship. It's crazy how the memory of someone can create very real wounds to a completely new person in the present. 

For whatever reason, words were the weapons given to me for this battle. 

I think something that is touching about boxing gyms is that it is a place where kids are seeking answers and when they show up, someone is there. 

Boxing gyms are held together by people like Manny. Dedicated fighters who still have enough invested in the sport, but understand the importance of upholding and caring for tradition.

One way to assess how good a television series is, is how much influences your daily life, like how much you think about the story's characters when making decisions. That being said, "Sons of Anarchy" is one of the best shows I've ever seen.

One method of determining how good a relationship is going is how much the two of you eat while you're cooking.

People who can parallel park perfectly often have interesting stories. 

The stories of others. They are the best teachers. It's really the only place you need to look.

It is actually a very profound honor to be a storyteller.

I see now that a lot of my fear comes from a fear of coming out of the darkness.

The trick that darkness plays is that it convinces you it is a place to find your answers, that it is safe, when in reality it is a prison. 

From my experience in martial arts, the biggest ego you have, the harder you get hit. 

I'll always have the Lighthouse.

At some point, you begin to see yourself aging into your parents. 

Boxing is really about someone who has been beaten up, looking for a way to defend himself.

The first time you walk into a boxing gym, or any real martial arts dojo, is an amazing experience. It is sometimes the first time you see strong men (and women) able to withstand the torment of life.

Creating a successful comic book superhero must be a trying experience. 

One time Flora and I got into a really bad argument. Bad enough to where she wanted to sleep on the couch. Soon after she fell asleep, I unrolled a mat and slept close to her on the ground. She woke me up in the morning and laid down right next to be on the floor. When I moved over to give her half the mat space, she shook her head and just held me. We slept like that for another half hour.

It is difficult to be in Love w/ someone whose heart belongs to someone else.

At the end of the day, I really love writing about fighters and fight gyms. There's something worth looking into there, Nick.

Start educating yourself about water.

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