Monday, March 9, 2015

Notes from my 70th trip (Work with Paulo Roberto)

As a photojournalist, I think the point of the entire thing is that you are giving thanks for how your subject has lived their life.

What we are fighting against is unbridled competition, the attitudes that have created this fucked up machine of suffering. We are basically trying to make the world understand that we really are in this together. That is the fight. That is the battle.

Flora. Don't forget the words that I told you. A lot of it was crazy shit I was working through, but there were moments when I was just trying to help you on your journey. They're there. You just have to find them.

We have been given what we have been given for a reason. It is for the story we are to tell to the world, to teach the world. Our challenge is to master it and not have it master us. That is the point of this whole thing. There is a reason.

I think a large part of recovery is to stop telling yourself and others that you are doing shitty when someone asks you, "How have you been?" 

I spend way too much time w/ myself.

I know this may appear very unhealthy and regressive, but I am still unreasonable faithful to Flora. it's almost as if everyone who is telling me to treat it like any other relationship is just a challenge for me to prove my love for her. I don't know. It guess we'll see what happens.

A lot of my life philosophy is embedded to my relationship w/ Flora.

How do you deal w/ all the emotions to preserve your integrity? You preserve your integrity and you will be given the grace of God. Then all will be provided. 

Follow your heart, follow your heart, follow your heart. 
The mind is meant to assist, but it is the heart that guides.

Sometimes I feel that law school is just this crazy mind-fuck maze of searching for true justice.

Passing on the advancements of temptation b/c you have a commitment to another is a sign of strength. Giving into them is weakness. It is spelled out that crudely and simply as that.

I think the reason I stopped watching porn, or at least am in the process of stopping, is the moment I started noticing that I felt like a worthless dirtbag after I masturbated. 

"Hallucination is very different from vision. Almost the opposite." 

We are much more magnificent beings than society leads us to believe.

Your life will be taken care of, but only if you work. That is what I have learned. 

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