Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Little Prince

One night when Flora and I were waiting for the bus, she asked me, "Have you ever read The Little Prince?"

I told her I hadn't. Truth be told, this convesation first happened over the phone, but it works better for the story to put it here now. Either way, the topic came up and that's what matters.

"Well, can I tell you about the Prince and the Fox?"

I told her she could. She then went into telling me how out of all the relationships in the story, that was the most profound one. That was the one friendship that the Prince did not want to end and that he left with sadness because of the departure from friendship. I asked her how she would feel in a situation like that. She told me, "Well if I was the Fox, I'd fold myself into a suitcase and travel with the Prince." I laughed out of relief because the scenario reminded me so much of what we were living.

As her bus pulled up, she then said to me:

"The reason the Fox and the Prince were such good friends is because they were responsible for each other's feelings. So I'm responsible for your feelings, and you're responsible for mine." She tapped her heart with her hand and then pressed the same hand against mine. With that, she zoomed off into the dark city streets.

The moment she said those words, she had me. I was hers. And I haven't betrayed her since.

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