Sunday, September 28, 2014

Notes from my 48th trip (Concentração)

Like I had to shit in a bag for the past three days. Then John came over to look @ the toilet, and then a new toilet just appeared after I got back from Jiu-Jitsu for the first time in 2 months. Like what the fuck?

You know you found someone special when you feel like they are a medium for God to you as you are for her.

Relationships are such a subjective term.

Fox News is such a necessary evil in this world. God bless those confused bastards.

True love is dangerous territory. Like to really, I mean really, believe you are safe w/ someone, then finding out to be untrue. That hurts. A lot.

The above comment has nothing to do w/ Flora btw. I just understand.

My friend H'rina google imaged the term "Big fucking banana" thinking she would find big, fucking bananas. What a surprise she was in for.

Don't ask me about the kind of porn I used to be into.

Once someone enters my life, I'm pretty much a friend. You'd have to be a pretty giant asshole for me to really dislike you.

People cut themselves out of my life more than the other way around.

Everyone is looking for a formula to true love. As if it is some mathematical equation + we just need to find the numbers and add them together. Like it is something mechanical. The truth is, true love is found only in your own way. How well you can navigate that road depends on your training.

The fucked up secret to rules is that you finally learn there are no rules. Or are there?

You know, there were some close called between Flora + I, in both senses of the phrase. But when it comes down to it, I am her partner. I cannot abandon her.

Like dead hooker porn. I would probably look at pictures of that, if they were shown to me.

My intention as an artist is to capture the funny moments.

There is something about Mike Tyson that I trust. Basically, I trust him more than Nicholas Kristof.

I'm quick to call someone a false prophet. At the same time, I've been given the gift of detecting that easily.

Kaia really liked you. And you were selfish in the way you treated her.

You know you talk too much when you lose the meaning in your words.

I'll say this right now. I would never have been able to get this far w/o my father.

Fuck Flora is so right about me. I need to straight my shit out before I step to her again.

The memories always come after you gave it away.

If someone repeated a story to you, it is often b/c you needed to hear it again.

Games where I'm supposed to think up as many words as possible that begin w/ a certain prefix frustrate the shit out of me. Because it just reminds me of my limited vocabulary. And I'm a fucking writer.

When you step back and look at it, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a ridiculous human being.

You know what it is? I need to clean up the mistakes I committed to the women of my past.

There is a darkside to Flora that I am interested in knowing.

Our neighbor hit on my mom once. And my dad punched him in the face. Haha. Go Dad. (The funniest part is my dad called the police like right after it happened and felt really bad. Ah. When all said + done, my pops is a good man. Not everyone can say they had a good farther growing up.

Most of what I say is true. But you can't force ppl to listen.

I know this is not the type that you're hoping for, but I love you so much, Marcella.

The key to being an artist is distinguishing what comes from you and what comes God.

Perng did some fucked up shit to me, but I also know that I was the cause of it all.

I grow tired of people calling me a con-man.

I pay for the value of things.

I will never abandon you, Flora. Do you understand? Never.

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