Saturday, September 20, 2014

Notes from my 45th trip (Ceu do Montanha)

When you want someone to go through something horrible only because they put you through the same thing, just so they can feel what you feel, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, when you feel this.

I am learning how to forgive.

It is important not to be easily offended but also stand up when things are being unnecessarily attacked.

I am like a much happier person than I used to be.

Love is not a fight, but there are a series of tests, where you asked to change some things about yourself. And that is sometimes a struggle.

Love is free to some degree, but it doesn't always stay if you are not responsible.

I've made a lot of mistakes w/ Flora, and I'm seeing that now. I realize this entire time apart, this whole thing, is about making up for my errors and presenting a better self when the time is right. And I think (hope) she's doing the same.

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