Monday, June 3, 2013

Notes from my 2nd trip

                 NO QUESTIONS
                 NO ANSWERS
                 THE FREEDOM


It all happens for a reason

GOD is the biggest jester of us all. She plays the most JOKES.

If it wants to be written, it'll stay for a little.

New flesh with an old soul; ready for battle.

I asked him to share some of it, the pain, with me, and I cried.

Young Jedi, you are not ready for her.

                    We are slaves to the pen.

We are all just sharing in the pain of the world. Give me some of your pain brother. I can take it for now.

     THIS WHOLE THING IS A NARRATIVE, In case you haven't been paying attention.

I like how there is no correct way to pronounce Moleskine.

I think I figured it out between us Desireé. We are two lions, not meant to mate, but to hunt together.

Fighting with another person is never about the other person.

What is happening to our world is a crime, is a shame, we all need to take a moment to...weep.


Be kind to the demons, They are but gods misunderstood.

You look good in purple, Theo.

                         Barren deserts of Solitude...

I didn't choose this life. I didn't choose it.

Tonico, you're a good person. I saw it the moment I met you.

WITH her there is no rush.

I really love my parents


Let is out sweetie, no one here will bring you harm.

True warriors will build their armor for the war.

We are in the midst of fascinating times

The shepard yields power.

What a fucked up drug, consciousness is.

Shaw my dear brother. I see you once again.

                                                                                                      I am sorry you were meant to teach the world that lesson. I promise life will be better to you in the next one.

It won't leave, trust her. When the words are needed, they will come.

You have your own path. Follow it, beloved.

Things will break us, not only love.

Be gentle to the feared; they need it most.

life is a joke. We only need learn to laugh.

                                                                     Peace to her. I understand now

I need to be nicer to my parents

To the Writers:
Your pen is a sword. Remember that.

As boxers, we are choosing to undertake the task of mastering ourselves. There is no greater purpose.

Don't ever limit yourself, Desireé. I love you too much to bear witness to that. 

It would destroy me.

we should do more of where we feel the right vibes.

                        I was once told to find water from an angel. It took me a while to realized it needed to come from tears.


No demon, not here.

                                                                       It can't end yet. there is still too much FUN.

Electric Sunshine motorboat.

                                                           Don't ever write for yourself. That hurts.

When you just become part of this, there is no schedule or agenda.

Let go + become. That's It.

Remember Michael, you are a shaman of sound. We are all just waiting to hear your VOZ.

I wish it was more complicated than this, but it isn't.

There is something wild about you Kaia, just look at your name. Don't hold it back. We all need it to save us.

                   Zoe. I'm sorry. But that something will always be there.

Don't you get it Desireé? You're already here with me.

We really wish love for those we love.

Don't live the feelings that aren't meant to be. 
Only learn from those.

I really wish I wasn't a writer.

You're like a girl that would inspire an awesome tattoo.

             Marcella. The tango will be fun.

                                   Just for the future Audience. Enjoy the show. I sure did.

I only have messages for those willing to listen

                                                                                                                  tell me brother.
                                                                                               Are you speaking from a place of truth?

At the end. There is no such thing as choice.

People just want a place to escape, to feel understood.

Jourdan, there is royal lion's blood in you.

                                                  It begins + it ends. And so is the story of the Earth.

Sometimes. The reposta is in the name.

I hope you know, you all were/are part of it.

These are notes I don't edit.

The death of a ritual

Fighting. We are ALL...fighting.

You will all laugh one day, with one part humor, one part shame, and say out loud: 'Yes, I once knew the writer NICK WONG."

Don't you see? I hate myself most of the time. I'm just very good at hiding it.

The purpose is found. Now just time to follow it to the end.

To writers, one word makes all the difference.

Ramon. You're gonna be a brother. I saw it in the flames.

                                       Black stallions marching off to war.

                                                                     To be old, is not so bad. You are given a pass to die + write.

I am at the mercy of this earth. Do what you will with me.

Because your mother misses you. And you cannot be selfish.

                              This may sound crazy to some. But trust me. It all makes sense.

Play with that small space of existence that we are given.

Ken Wilber is a piece of shit.

My one concern with hand tattoos: "where will all my notes be written from now on?"

Flora, I will wait. Flowers are always worth the wait.

                                                                                        I never stopped dancing on subways

Text Rachel - "I wish you strength + peace in your fight."

To Briana,
Did we really have cybersex in the CHID writing center?

To Kaitlin: it's probably for the best that you never answered me, years ago.

We are all looking for a voice to Follow.

Stay vigilant

We're near the end...of this page, at least.

Welcome to the world, Thiago De Deus.

There is only truth in the eyes of a savage.

           Be careful of those that can hurt you. But also be very intrigued at the same time.

                               People WITHOUT tattoos are sometimes more                               interesting

                women have this strength that us men will never comprehend. They should do 
            whatever the fuck they wanna do with it.

It is coyotes dancing in the cold deserts of the southwest. It is all the bright vibrancy of tokyo making sense. It is iguanas basking in the glory of the Caribbean sun. It is the purple haze in the sky speaking your tongue. It is her touch that you have not yet felt. It is the closeness of god in that small space of silence. It is knowing when to end a poem.

Holding a pen is in some strange manner similar to holding a stake to a vampire.

               Never kneel to the slayers of dreams.

The poet wields fire in his breath, shines truth in her eyes.

This is home. Brazil is home.

I have more strength to face the darkness

Thiago + Sylvia. That will be a love story

Just so you know, if you choose to enter my life, you've given me free rights to write about you.

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