Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a favor to ask

for those of you that know me before now, or even those that have only known me from this moment on, remind me. if you ever see me broken, lifeless, and without hope, remind me. 

remind me of how i once was - full of joy and passion, love sweating out of ever pore of my skin. remind me that there was a time when i wasn’t angry, that i only wanted to see peace, and never destruction. remind me that i used to drink the spirit to sing with the coyotes and dance with the frozen skeletons below. 

remind me that i once believed in love, that it was the only thing worth giving a damn and a place where you could find god. remind me that redemption is a destination never too far to reach, that in spite of how dark life can be, we can always choose a brighter path. 

remind me of all this, someday, because it is too often that i so easily forget. 

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