Monday, December 14, 2015

Notes from my 100th trip (20th Anniversary work)

I still feel like half a person without Flora. I'm wandering around looking for the person who hurt me.

There is such thing as one person being able to be your entire universe. It exists. 

I don't have too many messages left. I hope you all have been listening. 

I am sincerely going to miss this practice.

Flora was the most colorful person I knew.

I miss her so much that it hurts. 

I've met many fine women, but none of them are Flora.

I don't know why I am fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. 

The king needs to emerge from your spirit. The king knows no anger, no jealousy, no sadness. He is firm in his mission to work!

I'm an investigative journalist which therefore makes me hard to date. I will go back on both our lives.

I am here to say now that I regret every mean thing that I ever said to my mother.

There is value in understanding how systems work and the experience of those who are operating it. Take a flight, for instance.

You can always fight the death sentence. 

The people who make Japanese Anime are geniuses.

Flora. If I never see you again, I need you to know that I Love You, I Love You, I Love You. I will always be here for whenever you need.

This is going to be my last note. I love you all. 

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