Sunday, November 22, 2015

Notes from my 91st trip (Concentration)

You're no longer good at your job the moment you think you're too good to take advice. 

The majority of my problems stem from me putting myself down. 

I always had a child-like anticipation whenever I saw Flora. Everytime. No other person made me feel that way on such a consistent basis. 

I may not end up w/ Flora, but she taught me my definition of true love. She taught me a lot about what I have been searching for in this life. 

Fightland treats its writers like fighters. In other words, they treat you like shit, but you're somehow better b/c of it in the end. 

Being an investigative journalist is essentially a job designed to determine the truth in a matter. I guess when put like that, it makes total sense that that is my chosen profession. 

I think one of the most helpful tips I've heard on being a good writer is the importance of being curious.

A huge part of how capitalism works is profiting off people's depression. In other words, there are systems in place that intentionally keep you trapped in cycles of depression b/c that is how it generates profit. It is truly, truly sick. 

There is something super endearing about hearing your father call himself "kind of a half-assed sort of guy". 

My father described going back to Taiwan as going back to the land of his childhood as a rich man. I get it. In many ways he beat life. He's losing in other ways, but that's where I come in. 

You cannot be too invested in how you feel.

When was the first time you were hurt

I see now that this entire process has been about acquiring armor for my return to Brazil.

One of the best things I heard tonight was a fiction writer describing to me what he does. He finished by saying, "I've just given myself license to make up stories." 

Flora. The light is always on for you. 

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