Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Notes from my 59th trip (Finados)

I would give everything to Flora, but she doesn't want it. Fuck. That hurts. At the same time, I think she can see who I really am, and she wants that.

Flora was what entered my stomach, and she tore me up apart from the inside. I just don't understand why.

Zoë should open a bar called "Zoë's Place". I'd be there everyday to see a cute face.

That's how quick it was, I just saw a man in a convertible with part of his head sliced off.

We all go to find out own stories, but the ending is the same. We all get eaten.

I saw how machines made things that were not complex, complex.

I saw a machine that did not allow me to comprehend "volume". She had the head of a Cambodian snake princess.

You won't even let yourself choose the option that resolves all your problems.

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