Sunday, April 13, 2014

Notes from my 26th trip

Do you ever wonder, Flora, why you've been given this much power?

           I've been very afraid to assume my responsibility as a teacher

What it means to be a teacher:
I am in the driver's seat. I will steer you away from the darkness that I know. I know the power of my role and I will not abuse it. You can trust me because I know the value of trust, and I guard it with my life.

Each day we have we are just trying to find a better way to harness the beast.

Flora has to be present when I am weak. I can't just show up w/ unexplained bandages. 
That wouldn't be fair.

How we react to a homeless person's request for money, whether a lie or truth, is always a choice.

You have a duty my son. You have a duty.

I'm a lot more like Flora than I give myself credit for. It makes perfect sense why we are together. We're trying, we really are, but we're together, at the end of the day.

How we are to the world is really a choice.

The search for fame and acknowledgment is really a sickness.

What a beautiful friendship me and Rudolph have had.

Be kinder to yourself, Desirée.

A solider being sent to war before he is ready is a crime.

When did you first wage war upon yourself?

Always ask yourself: Who is in control?

I need Flora to remind me of how another person sees me. 

You are meant to go through all the emotions in a true relationship. 
Not just the good ones.

If you've disappointed me according to my absurd way of living, I just want you to know that I love you.

I brush upon that person every so often, the one that is on a mission. 
You can see it in the eyes.

I take myself too seriously at times. Ok. Most of the time.

It is all a choice. Every moment is a choice.

You can choose the path of forgiveness when you have been betrayed.

I can see it now. My dad trying to make up for the times he wasn't there.

When you are a good writer, you have to leave a lot of it to chance, only hoping that the reader has prepared well.

I guess I'm kind of an intense person. God only knows what it's like to date me.

I am starting to see Flora, where I have wronged in this time apart. And I am trying to correct them.

We are all just looking for a path, looking for a path, looking for a path we can trust.

Michael, I have to apologize for my ego disrespecting the master you have inside you.

Sometimes I think that's all martial art is. It is trying to pull out that master that is w/in all of us.

Fuck. I can't be a lawyer. I think I've grown up enough to realize that. But I've also grown up enough to know that I'm gonna need a couple of good ones in my life.

Now I am understanding what Bukowski meant about being afraid of the walls.

When you are out there in your lives, in the darkness, always remember the light. Always be searching for the light.

Sometimes we really need to get out of the way of ourselves.

Take care of those who have come seeking your guidance.

I meet so many women to where I think, "God. I hope I marry someone like you." 
I see Flora in all those women.

The people who make Japanese Anime have some fucked up minds.

Our love is meant to inspire, Flora. If this is too much for you, let me know now. 
Otherwise, I'm in.

                 Shed your fears.

Every time before I set foot on the mat at the dojo, I ask myself: "Did I make a mistake in coming today?"

You're presence makes a difference. It means something.

We only have fragmented memories on how we were.

It is okay to be weak at times. It is okay.

I think a part of getting older is to stop expecting others to treat you in the way in which you treat them.

I don't have to choose that path. I don't.

To really know someone does take some time. But that feeling of wanting to be w/ them. That, that is almost immediate. 

The whole world could be burning down around me, and all I would think about is love.

It's all about becoming aware of the energy around you, to make the decisions clearer.

I feel like I am frantically giving Flora everything I have to prepare her for her journey. That is probably why I don't care about being hurt as much as I should. 

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