Friday, October 18, 2013

Notes from my 16th trip

I have a fountain of thoughts wanting to come out; it's all just a matter of when I decide to turn the latch.

           True self-esteem is contra to corporate profits

I'm starting to understand those characters who never remarry if their partner passes. That kind of bond only happens once in a life, and the rest if kind of pointless after that. 

I find myself laughing more than being angry at personal tragedy nowadays. This is in some ways good; troublesome in others.

If you are reading this, take a moment to think about how you came to the ability to read, to pass through, to form an opinion and argue. Think about all the emotions in which our ability to communicate thru script has allowed. It is a beautiful thing, a true miracle.

How would you describe peace? I don't know, maybe like a flowing breeze that drifts thru your chest at just the right pace where all you can do is close your eyes and smile.

She told me she only had one remedy, a remedy called Love. She said you felt it in that space between your chest and your belly, a place I once wrote about in a poem. I asked her if it ever hurt, this remedy she spoke of, and she said at times, it did. But even then, it was still a remedy, and remedies are meant to cure you. 

                           How much do I really know about love? There are still so many doors that remain unopened. Perhaps she is brave enough to lead me thru them.

That search for meaning, that is a fight one should never stop fighting. 
Do not let the societal quicksand consume you.

    Many of us are foolish to think we are bigger than these systems.

She told me she loved me while I was telling her not to feel obligated to have the same feelings that I have for her.

If I am to die anytime in the near future, 
at least they will have one hell of a time going through my apartment.

I hate to say it, but if shit really gets bad and we all have to run to the forest, I'm only taking my strongest friends w/ me. Cuz dead weight is heavy.

When I sit and think about the things I've done so far in life, I only creak a small hint of a smile. Don't step to me on some ideological elitist bullshit, my mind's been fucked. You have no idea where it's already been. 

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