Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ring the Bell

So far, Rio has treated me well. There are parts of the city that remind me of Colombia, across town the place feels like Spain: my two favorite places in the world. Throw in some Cuba and I’m home. 

I found a place sooner than I expected, the process was actually much less of a pain in the ass than I had anticipated; in fact, all of it has been quite serendipitous. I’m renting the former spot of renowned writer and tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw, and he wrote his book Narcisa: Lady of Our Ashes in that place. It's the only book that I've seen receive 5 stars after 115 reviews on Amazon. The guy is mad real and all heart. Plus he knew Charles fuckin’ Bukowski. Shit can’t get more synchronous than that. 

Last night I sat through a thunderstorm in that apartment. The thing is, I wasn’t supposed to be there. We were supposed to sign the leasing contract earlier in the day, but as things in the world go, I ended up there right before the storm. I sat there alone with a dying iPhone, sending out last messages to loved ones before I was only left with a pen, a pad, and my thoughts. 

There is an energy pulsing through the walls of this place. The book that I’ve been flirting with for nearly 5 years is trying to burst out of my chest, begging to be written. I expect to go insane at this small desk in the corner. I expect to lose myself in this storm and hopefully find myself again amongst all this chaos. 

But I have the right place, the right tools, the right people. I have the canvas to paint a masterpiece. I just need to believe. 

I can confront my demons here at this desk. Maybe I’ll win, maybe I’ll lose. Who knows. But I’m a live dog in this match and I trained damn hard to get here. This is my moment, this is my fight and I’m going in with my hands raised high.

I’m ready to go. Ring the bell. 

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hjdetroy said...

(not sure that's appropriate to say, but it's the only phrase i can remember right now besides...)
tudo bom