Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let There Be Light

Palenque, Colombia. The first self-liberated African slave colony in all the Americas. Naturally, this also means it was and still is one of the most socially oppressed places today. But what always comes from struggle comes beauty. From Palenque comes wondrous music, the first international Colombian actor, and of course, the great "Kid Pambelé".

Antonio Cervantes, aka "Kid Pambelé", a boxing legend and national hero. He won the title in 1972 and with it, brought electricity, running water and telephone for the first time to his hometown Palenque. And people say boxing is a sport of brutes. Ironic that one "brute" can bring all the commodities of what they would consider "modern civilization". Or maybe those people just need to take a closer look into a world they never bothered stepping into.

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